The Magic of Metrics

We have heard it so many times, "What gets measured, gets managed!".  Yet, many business leaders today often overlook this simple rule and neglect to implement an effective metrics system that drives performance, monitors results and creates enduring shareholder value. 

The 7 Keys to Selling to Large Companies and Organizations

Selling your product or service is the 'critical event' in business. Period.  We have taken this fact for granted, especially if our company is in growth mode or if we are bombarded by so many other important actions as we grow our businesses. For mid-sized companies, the path to success often lies through selling to large companies or organizations, or developing strategic partnerships with these large organizations. While the rewards can be high, it can be a challenging process, particularly if you don’t have clarity on how decisions are made in larger organizations.

ACCT: Foundations of Leadership

Action, Courage, Character, Tenacity

Great leadership is built upon many small actions we take throughout the day, punctuated periodically by severe crises and significant decisions.  However, in order to prepare as leaders for the severe crisis and significant decisions we must practice daily leadership, so when called upon, we have the mental and emotional preparedness to deal with the significant challenges of the moment.


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